July 09

July 14th, 2009 by Kay Fedewa

Hi guys.

I just got back from Anthrocon in Pittsburgh last week. I had a lot of fun meeting readers and making new friends. Thanks to everyone who came to say hi :) I will be attempting to attend FurFright 09 in Oct but Im still on the fence about that one. I will very likely be at Midwest Furfest 09 in Nov though. Come see Erin and I!

We are all sold out of our Swiftkill edition 2 figures! We still have some more Bloodspills. By the end of this year we should have a Blade figure done and available to purchase.

A new page has been added to the comics section. So sorry for the long wait, but I took a break to focus on other things. Thanks for sticking around, faithful readers! I dont know what we’d do without you.


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